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Syndicate (2012). The old school cyberpunk

It's been 18 years since when the first part of the game called syndicate, is the same game that was played our parents in 1993. And now the company Starbreeze has raised the hype and gave all aware that their program is to break the game working again. Before the release of the game remains quite a bit already, but the exact date of its release will be February 23, 2012. ... Read more »
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Free Application for Android might be more expensive toll. Protecting your money.

A pair of downloading free games or applications you can pay much more than stand like a game or application. «Android - the platform of the future", saying the application developer. And these innovations are criminals.
Simply download the application from the Android Market is not and your phone may be the means of your ruin! Indeed, the application can send SMS messages to premium numbers, and this is the main way to trick users.
Unfortunately, even if you download the application from the Android Market can not feel safe ...
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Download Helper для FireFox.

DownloadHelper is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video and image files from many sites.

When viewing a Web site with this add-on for your Internet browser can download multimedia files on your computer.

For example, if you look at the page YouTube, you can download videos to your hard drive. ... Read more »
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Kinect for Windows has some nice "bonuses"

Microsoft company reported that they were preparing to release a new Kinect which will be specifically designed for the PC version. A few weeks later at their home page, blog MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network), a new information on the built-in Kinect motion-controller for PC will be very different from his original which was released for the Xbox 360.

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Seventh operating system Microsoft, called «Windows 7»

This information is a bit outdated, because the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 was released in 2010. But the operating system name speaks for itself! Microsoft Windows 7 release this SEDM operating system and on the operating system and was called "Seven."

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Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview

More recently, Microsoft has released the eighth operating system, Microsoft Windows 8. Today is only available Developer Preview version. This means that version for developers. Many might think that this beta version, but unfortunately the operating system has not yet reached the stage of beta testing. Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview is available for free and download it from official site of Microsoft, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516.

You can download one of the available versions below.

Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64)

File as a disk image (. Iso), English language operating system.
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html5 and css3 tags to help web masters

More recently, markup and style sheets are updated and have received improvements and new features. Note to ourselves and others beginning Web masters I made the tag table html5 and css3, which would at any moment you could peek. The most important thing in every language programirovaya understand it, and do not teach all the tags and functions.

<! - ... -> Comments
<! DOCTYPE> Document type
<article> This tag put our content
<aside> Sidebar
Add <audio>, play and control audio settings on the page.
<canvas> Create an area in which with the help of JavaScript, you can draw objects to display images.
<command> Creates a command in the form of a check box, a switch or button.
<datalist> Create a list of options.
<details> Document Details
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Puss in Boots 2011 (review). Spoon the claw

The authors of "Shrek" is not able to squeeze out of their green ward for more than four units, and because the ideas they had plenty, it was decided to shift from the invented material's mold spinoffy.

First ever had the chance - the cat, wearing boots, and all known and one of the favorite characters of the franchise. Initially it was planned, cooked quickly, once released on DVD, but in the future earn material, the producers realized its commercial potential and sights on film distribution.

The plot revolve around a cat to hook or by crook trying to reclaim the good name of. Faced with Kisoy Myagkolapkoy and Humpty Dumpty, which combines with the main character a mystery of the past, Cat agrees to help them to implement their plan - steal from Jack and Jill of magic beans.

Chrissy Miller, wrote and directed once "Shrek the Third," even if cured of the main problems of the previous project, but has not made a film that could be called a project with a capital letter.
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In Time 2011 (review). Time is money

As usual, we imagine the future? Huge beautiful city telepotry, flying cars, happy people. This is absolutely normal, and probably everyone would like to visit in this world. But wondered if you ever, if the main difference will be the future from the present time. It will be used instead of money and having a lot of time, you can live for centuries.

The film develops in the near future. It seems that humanity is evolving, and everything will get better in life, but ... what has changed with modern times? Except, actually, currency - nothing. Remain the same rich and poor. While people from the ghetto fights for every minute, the rich have fun and play poker for many centuries. Yes, it seems unfair and wrong, but nothing could be done about it. That's the way life is probably the world will always be divided into layers. On the other hand, there is a balance between "worlds", where some produce goods, while others use them. This balance can not be broken, as if everything would have time to eternal life, they no longer work in factories, invent something new. There will be a full stop in the development of mankind. And, most important - if people do not die, then it's over the collapse of all. Therefore, valid theory of Charles Darwin - survival of the fittest.

"For the happiness of one elected - hundreds must perish."
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