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html5 and css3 tags to help web masters

More recently, markup and style sheets are updated and have received improvements and new features. Note to ourselves and others beginning Web masters I made the tag table html5 and css3, which would at any moment you could peek. The most important thing in every language programirovaya understand it, and do not teach all the tags and functions.

<! - ... -> Comments
<! DOCTYPE> Document type
<article> This tag put our content
<aside> Sidebar
Add <audio>, play and control audio settings on the page.
<canvas> Create an area in which with the help of JavaScript, you can draw objects to display images.
<command> Creates a command in the form of a check box, a switch or button.
<datalist> Create a list of options.
<details> Document Details

<embed> Embeds interactive object
<figcaption> Describes the tag to <figure>
<figure> group the page
<footer> Sets "basement" - bottom of the document.
The upper section of the document <header>
Determine <hgroup> group headers
<keygen> generated key pair - open and closed.
<mark> Determine an important part of the text
<meter> used primarily to display the numeric values
Determine <nav> navigation
<output> Defines an area in which information is displayed.
<progress> to display the progress of completion of the task.
<rp> used to display text in the browser.
<rt> annotate the top or bottom of the text in a container <ruby>
<ruby> intended to add a little summary above or below the specified text.
<section> section of the document, which can include headers, header, footer and content.
<source> Media RESOURCES
<summary> <summary> tag comes first in <details>. Heading for the tag <details>, by which you can click to expand / collapse the information.
<time> Date / Time
<video> Control your video on a Web page
<wbr> transfer line in the text
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