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In Time 2011 (review). Time is money

As usual, we imagine the future? Huge beautiful city telepotry, flying cars, happy people. This is absolutely normal, and probably everyone would like to visit in this world. But wondered if you ever, if the main difference will be the future from the present time. It will be used instead of money and having a lot of time, you can live for centuries.

The film develops in the near future. It seems that humanity is evolving, and everything will get better in life, but ... what has changed with modern times? Except, actually, currency - nothing. Remain the same rich and poor. While people from the ghetto fights for every minute, the rich have fun and play poker for many centuries. Yes, it seems unfair and wrong, but nothing could be done about it. That's the way life is probably the world will always be divided into layers. On the other hand, there is a balance between "worlds", where some produce goods, while others use them. This balance can not be broken, as if everything would have time to eternal life, they no longer work in factories, invent something new. There will be a full stop in the development of mankind. And, most important - if people do not die, then it's over the collapse of all. Therefore, valid theory of Charles Darwin - survival of the fittest.

"For the happiness of one elected - hundreds must perish."

The main character «In time» Will Salles - one of the gray mass of workers in a poor neighborhood. His father had died long ago, and his mother barely makes a minute to minute. In addition, he learns that all is not so easy in this world, especially higher-level people so quickly make it difficult living conditions that many people perished. True, the man who preached it to him, gave all his time as tired of living ... he's just tired of the virtually immortal life. Soon, the mother of Will die because of lack of time and a quick rise in prices. Then the main character decides to go to the best area in the country, to restore justice.

"Is it to pick up stolen - theft?"

When the protagonist tries every way to help poor people with a long life, the question arises. Whether he goes? He is trying to achieve, roughly speaking, communism. But what does it bring? Universal happiness to all? Far from it. After seeing the film, you realize that utopia is unrealistic to achieve in principle and that there is at this point - it has to be enjoyed, not losing a single second.

"We always live in just one day"

We make the interim conclusion. In terms of plot, Andrew Niccol has created something new and amazing. Of course, not without faults, not all spelled out perfectly, but only one idea is worth a great praise.

Now it is necessary to consider more components of the film. The actors. Major role in this project is Justin Timberlake. It seems that finally turned-actors, he showed a good game and forced to empathize with their hero. His girlfriend and, at the same time, the daughter of the greatest longevity in the world, embodied in the life of Amanda Sayfred. Never really did not expect it oskoronosnoy game or something like that, but here it looked nice and not more. Special effects. In fact, very much, that the film low budget, 40 million today - it's not a lot. Although places for vpihivaniya any explosions was enough, the director still did not do. In my opinion - this is correct.

Conclusion: Finally, in rolling out is not just another film about the capture of the world, built on the visual effects or not is one of many comedies at once, we can now contemplate totally worn-out line of the plot. It makes you wonder: Is it that people get such different wages, live in different ways. There is no definite answer will always be people on both sides of the barricades. And something tells me that films with a similar plot we can see in the next five years.
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