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Puss in Boots 2011 (review). Spoon the claw

The authors of "Shrek" is not able to squeeze out of their green ward for more than four units, and because the ideas they had plenty, it was decided to shift from the invented material's mold spinoffy.

First ever had the chance - the cat, wearing boots, and all known and one of the favorite characters of the franchise. Initially it was planned, cooked quickly, once released on DVD, but in the future earn material, the producers realized its commercial potential and sights on film distribution.

The plot revolve around a cat to hook or by crook trying to reclaim the good name of. Faced with Kisoy Myagkolapkoy and Humpty Dumpty, which combines with the main character a mystery of the past, Cat agrees to help them to implement their plan - steal from Jack and Jill of magic beans.

Chrissy Miller, wrote and directed once "Shrek the Third," even if cured of the main problems of the previous project, but has not made a film that could be called a project with a capital letter.

Do screenwriters Brian Linchema who invented «Hop», and David H. Steinberg, who wrote the story, which formed the basis of one part of the "American Pie" came out with unpretentious story several times trying to twist the plot, two-three references to everything and all the jokes and below the belt, camouflaged from children's eyes. Add to that the excellent graphics, the creators were nice, but completely optional animation.

3D boring and mediocre, nothing new or interesting project authors to insert a cartoon and could not, but the portrayal of the characters amazing, IMAX provides the opportunity to review every hair and every emotion of the characters.

Sorry, we can not hear the original voices actors voicing the characters picture. Banderos Galifianakis and play their now classic characters. They - charismatic, very bright and cause the viewer when viewing the whole range of emotions.

An interesting trend del Toro, who is the third sprodyussirovannny after his cartoon "Megamind" and "Kung Fu Panda 2", as in "Kote" and he gave voice to one of the characters, what more to expect from such a multifaceted person?

Animation project came atmospheric, incendiary, joyful and bright. It will appeal to both children and their parents, and so it is mandatory or not, everyone decides for himself.
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