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Syndicate (2012). The old school cyberpunk

It's been 18 years since when the first part of the game called syndicate, is the same game that was played our parents in 1993. And now the company Starbreeze has raised the hype and gave all aware that their program is to break the game working again. Before the release of the game remains quite a bit already, but the exact date of its release will be February 23, 2012.

Now a little bit in general:

This shooter syndicate will be almost a pure clone of the recently released game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And so on Igromir 2011 which was held recently Chief Game Ben O'Donnell gave an interview about the new syndicate will be the first shooter first person, This game is also just inherited a great atmosphere in the horn-style cyberpunk action which will occur in 2069, the year. Itself is an action game set in the future where the world order run by large and not very large corporations. They control everything and everyone, everyone in the brain implant is implanted special with which it interacts with society. It goes somewhere in the powerful is a button with which a person can "turn off" or get him to do something you need. For example, to buy goods of a specific production.

This will differ from the shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolution so that the syndicate would not be a free action game, it will be a real first-person shooter in which there is no dialogue, no studies, virtually nothing more that could tie the game with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, in this game, they have only a spiritual style of playing cyberpunk. In general I think the game will be interesting enough, it will be released February 23, 2012 (recall).
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